What if Management is the Problem?

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What if Management is the Problem?

Dysfunctional management at any organizational level, including members of the top leadership team is not uncommon.

Warning Signs. Poor management can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including:

  • Communication breakdowns,
  • Lack of transparency and trust,
  • Lack of shared vision,
  • Lack of follow-up,
  • Unresolved conflict,
  • Abuse of power,
  • Poor decision-making,.

Consequences. Obviously dysfunctional management can wreak havoc on organizational success. Dysfunction may be masked in such a way that it is not obvious to corporate management or a board of directors until a great deal of damage has been inflicted.

Symptoms of poor performance in leadership may include:

  • Employee turnover,
  • Poor morale,
  • Ineffective communication,
  • Inconsistent treatment of employees,
  • Poor overall company success.

Toward Resolution.  The existence of ineffective management should be addressed sooner than later. Successful companies have developed reporting systems for such concerns. The use of third-party hotlines, open-door policies at levels beyond local management, and other cultural assessments (surveys) are common practices to bring light to dysfunctional behaviors at any level to someone with the authority to take corrective action.