“Change is the only constant” - Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Managing Organizational Change

You know that change needs to happen, but don’t know how to go about implementing it.  Most changes in organizations fail, due in part to employee resistance, lack of a clear vision, miscommunications and inconsistencies.  Effective change initiatives will most likely fail as a result of organizational resistance.  Companies, which are successful in implementing change, have a competitive advantage that can lead to greater organizational success, reduce negative impact of productivity and create excitement within the workforce.

How We Help

HR Assistance provides a systemic, proactive approach that incorporates four primary steps: overcoming resistance, engaging employees, implementing change in phases and communicating the change.

Overcoming Resistence

  • Facilitate the Creation of a Vision for Change.

  • Develop Consistent Communications about the Change.

  • Create Opportunities for Employees to Better Understand the Need for Change.

  • Assist Leaders in Identifying and Removing Obstacles to Change.

  • Perform a Review of Organizational Structure, Job Descriptions, Performance & Compensation Systems for Alignment with Vision.

  • Develop Strategies to Deal with Change Resistors - Quickly Remove Barriers (Human or Otherwise).

  • Establish Criteria for Identification of Change Champions.

Engaging Employees


  • Assist in the development of change teams.
  • Develop and provide training for team leaders and team members.
  • Identify, or hire, change leaders who main goal is to deliver the change.
  • Identify key stakeholders and leaders.
  • Assist in the assignment and clarity of roles
  • Create short-term wins
  • Develop strategies to focus on the workers affected most by the change
  • Develop processes to address the different motivational drivers of employee.



Implement Change In Phases

  • Assist in Preparing for the Change.

  • Ongoing Consultation Regarding the Effectiveness of Managing the Change.

  • Reinforce the Change.

Communicate the Change



  • Develops talking point about the change vision.
  • Identify strategies to anchor the changes in the company’s culture.
  • Develop strategies to address people’s concerns and anxieties, openly and honestly.
  • Prepare leaders to engage resistors one on one.
  • Development of methods to demonstrate consistency in all aspects of operations. Tying everything back to the vision.
  • Develop both formal and informal communications approaches.
  • Develop processes for employee feedback.


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