How can HR Management and Business Success be aligned?

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How can HR Management and Business Success be aligned?

The human resource function, more than other any other area of the company, affects the operation and execution of all other business functions.

  • Major HR functions:
  • Talent acquisition,
  • Performance management,
  • Compensation and benefits,
  • Employment
  • Legal compliance,
  • Employee retention and engagement,
  • Training and development,
  • Employee safety and security.

Each of those functions, if not aligned with human resources, could be working at odds with organizational goals.

  • HR Tactics or Tasks:
  • Getting new employees on payroll,
  • Compensation and benefit management,
  • Daily transactions
  • Maintaining records.  

While these tasks are important, they are not activities linked to organizational goals. 

  • Human Resource strategy is about adding value to the company and ensuring that all resources related to personnel are used effectively in achieving organizational success.  In order to align HR Strategy, human resources must be “at the table” where organizational decisions are made.
  • Strategic HR leaders must be competent and have appropriate training, education and experience commensurate with other key leadership roles.  HR strategy is developed after having a clear understanding of the business, including such topics as  threats, opportunities, organizational culture, organization values and beliefs,
  • HR works as a business partner in resolving organization issues. Human Resources is responsible for bringing innovation and best practices into the decision making process while ensuring that the various HR functions are aligned  to support the needs of the organization.