Workplace Investigations

It's an unfortunate reality that claims of sexual misconduct or discrimination happen in the workplace. If such claims are made within your organization, it's imperative to have them investigated properly.  Many businesses and companies simply don't have the resources, time, or expertise to conduct workplace investigations. HR Assistance is here to help you through these tough circumstances by conducting thorough and appropriate sexual misconduct or discrimination investigations.

Impartial, Unbiased Investigations

Although you may not want to learn that you have a workplace problem, investigating and resolving it in a way that follows legal guidelines can strengthen and protect your company.

HR Assistance proper investigations will help you:

  • Figure Out What Happened.

  • Deal with Employee Problems Early.

  • Encourage Reporting of Issues by Employees.

  • Enforce, or Develop, Company Policies.

  • Avoid Bad Publicity.

  • Protect your Company from Lawsuits.


Generally, workplace investigations must occur when the employer “knows or should have known” about alleged misconduct.  HR Assistance can provide you with a well trained and competent investigator. We also ensure compliance with all legal guidelines.

HR Assistance provides the following types of workplace investigations:

  • Sexual Misconduct.

  • Harassment.

  • Bullying.

  • Ethical Impropriety.

  • Claims of Discrimination to include:

    Sex Discrimination
    Racial Discrimination
    Religious Discrimination
    Disability Discrimination
    Age Discrimination

  • Claims of the Provision of Reasonable Accommodations for those with Disabilities.

  • Family & Medical Leave Issues.

HR Assistance will use the following process in conducting your workplace investigation.

  • Assist you in Deciding Whether an Investigation is Required.

  • Assist you in Taking Immediate Action, if needed.

  • Plan the Investigation.

  • Conduct Interviews.

  • Gather Relevant Documents & other Evidence.

  • Evaluate the Evidence.

  • Advise on Action to be Taken.

  • Provide a Written Investigation Report.

  • Assist in Follow Up, as needed.

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