Conflict Resolution & Transformative Mediation

Where there is a relationship, there is conflict. There are no steps to eliminate conflict in the workplace. Some amount of conflict, if handled well, can be a good thing. Innovation is impossible without conflict.

Conflicts can stem from anywhere and left long enough will result in serious negative impact on your company.  If conflict goes beyond a place where it can be resolved in house, HR Assistance, as an external neutral third party, is a cost-effective solution to resolve conflicts in the workplace. A neutral third party can help employees recognize that their concerns are important and heard.

Mediation is conducted in no more than two-hour sessions. Most mediation can be completed in two or three sessions.  Mediation is a voluntary process that encourages you to resolve your own disputes rather than letting resentments build or having others make decisions for you.  Mediation brings parties together to listen to each other, have a potentially quality interaction, explore possible solutions, make informed decisions and if appropriate arrive at an agreement which each can live with and believe to be fair.

How We Help

Unresolved conflict leads to frustration and removes focus from organization goals.  Other employees who are not originally part of the conflict can also become involved. Eventually frustrated employees reach a breaking point. This could mean leaving the organization, or in extreme cases, it could result in violence.

If conflict goes beyond a place where it can be resolved in house. HR Assistance is a cost-effective solution to resolve conflicts in the workplace by providing a trained, neutral, and confidential mediator.

Rely on us to assist in solving disciplinary actions for behavioral issues. Our mediation skills are ideal for solving disputes between employees, managers and employees, and managers and managers.


5 Aspects of the Mediation Process

Creating the Context:

Mediation begins with welcome and introductions. The mediator will explain the process and the parties deciding how best to use the process, or even if it is the right process. Mediator and parties will establish as necessary some basic rules and guidelines.


The mediator assists the parties in removing the barriers to developing options. The mediator helps parties decide how and where to obtain desired information. Mediator assists the parties in evaluating option and exploring consequences and how options work for each party.

Exploring the Situation:

Parties’ Perspectives. This is when each party has the chance to tell his or her story. All parties are given uninterrupted time to talk about what they see as the problem, what their needs and concerns are, and what they would like to see happen.

Exploring Possibilities:

Mediator helps parties clarify their interests and desires and to assist the parties in identifying common interests they wish to resolve an and barriers they are experiences. Mediator will assist in brainstorming.


Decisions are made through out the process. The parties’ issues are dealt with in the chosen by the parties. If parties agree on an agreement, the mediator will repeat the agreement point by point.

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